Asset Management

Peterhouse is the owner of an international asset management business called Peterhouse Asset Management (“PeterhouseAM”) with funds under management in excess of £90million. PeterhouseAM is a multi-asset, multi-disciplinary firm with a focus on equities, fixed income, absolute return strategies and multi-manager products. The funds are managed via collective vehicles whose underlying investors number over 2,500 and are managed by a team with over 100 years of combined experience.

The firm’s active investment style is driven by fundamental analysis seeking to understand a business and its drivers. We assess these dynamics in the context of the market environment and look to identify catalysts that will initiate a revaluation.

Each investment decision is driven by a simple concept at its core, to buy an asset that is undervalued relative to its peers and its prospects.  Understanding why the asset is relatively cheap requires a disciplined fundamental approach to investing.

A thorough understanding of investment dynamics, volatility and risk enables us to gain insight into how that asset price will move with the objective of closing the undervaluation.   At PeterhouseAM our individuals have built an expertise over the long term in this field and a management style that encourages their views to be expressed and debated in an open and transparent manner.

This we believe allows us to offer a combination of flair and flexibility alongside the rigour and discipline that is so important to be successful in the rapidly changing asset management industry of today.

In Q2 2017, Peterhouse acquired 100% of Webb Capital Asset Management Limited (“WCAM”), the fund management business of Webb Capital Group Plc.

The business has now been re-named Peterhouse Capital Asset Management Ltd (“PCAM”). PCAM manages both the Elite Smaller Companies Income and Growth Funds. Peter Webb, director of WCAM remains as Fund Manager of the Elite Webb Capital Smaller Companies Income and Growth Fund.

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